Mickey on ice… Pad #1050

Mickey on Allison’s antenna covered with ice. It is snowing in New England. Tomorrow Allison, Eva and I head out to the airport, early. So early that roosters will think we are crazy.

Eva will be traveling in style on her trip too. I was upgraded to First Class and Allison will take that seat. I mean, it is not like I could sit up front and put them in the back. Allison had 1st class for leg two when we separate in DC. Then Allison goes to Fort Lauderdale and I head to Orlando. I have a few days of work and then start MY vacation.

I plan to meet up with Posties Courtney and Alli. We’ll be hitting downtown Disney for dinner. And I think we might even go to Disney Quest. I also hope to catch up with Mr. Fab. I’m going to drop in on some people (big secret).

When Allison, Eva, Marcia and Dan come up to get me we will head to Sea World. Our friend Mo is going to go with us too. Then next Sunday we head back to Dan and Marcia’s for a week of vacation. I can’t wait.

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16 thoughts on “Mickey on ice… Pad #1050”

  1. Florida sounds nice – getting away from the snow and cold. Yeah, nice. I love Sea World. Get some pictures of Eva in the cute little dolphin strollers if they still have those.

  2. Oh Lordy!! You’re not a “Mickey nut” 2 are you? lol

    That’s what I call my wife. She is seriously obsessed with Mickey!! We end up at Disney World once or twice every year. I always swear that I will never go back, but then she ends up suckering me again!!!!

    On the positive side: love the pic with the snow and ice. I miss that. :O( Disney Quest is cool. Love all of the old games in there.

    If I ever get suckered back into Disney (probably next month!), I want to go on a guided fishing trip in the park. It’s expensive, but man do they catch some serious bass.


  3. If I knew you were coming I’d a baked a cake LOL. I’m a Disney FANatic and live very close to the parks. We’re there often. It would be nice to meet some fellow posties. I may go to the big event later this year in Orlando though, so we may meet up then.

    I have the same Mickey antenna topper on my car!

    Connie’s last blog post..Can I Be A Dentist?

  4. George,
    I enjoy Disney, sure it gets crowded and all but yeah it is a fun time. We used to call going to Disney “birth control” but now we can’t wait till Eva is old enough to enjoy it.

  5. Connie,
    Well, I will be in Orlando for a whole week. drop me an e-mail and maybe we can work something out.

    I love the antenna topper.

  6. Obviously ‘Sean’ is a spammer with poor English skills. Another nonsensical comment. On top of the somewhat relevant and irrelevant comment the same on this was a keyword and thus had the link removed.

  7. I hope you guys have a great time, while we’re here freezing our butts off…LOL! I’m hoping that we’ll be going to Florida this time next year…for Red Sox Spring Training.

    Hopefully, the lack of a ranty post about flight cancellations means that things cleared up and you were able to take off.

    Love your response to “Sean”, BTW. Maybe I should do that, rather than just deleting this junk.

    Have a great time! 😀

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  8. I hope that the early flight means you are now in Florida!!! I hope you didn’t have rain to welcome you like we did earlier!!! Have an awesome trip!!

    I’ll “Sea” you a week from today at the “World O’ Sea!” My ticket has been purchased and I can’t wait to see you all!! You are a very welcome presence in “Flo Rida!!!”

    Mo’s last blog post..I “Supersized it!”

  9. Hi Christine,

    The flight was very good. Eva did awesome. I posted to twitter and Utterz all day about the flight. Those go to my mobile blog at http://pixtoo65.blogspot.com/

    And yeah I am sick of spammers so I’m going to just edit their comments from now on and take out the links. So annoying.

  10. Mo,
    We got our tickets on Friday online. I printed two copies and gave one set to Allison in case anything happens to mine. Oh we are so ready for the Sea.

    Eva did excellent on her flights. She is having a great time already. Allison has posted some photos to her blog. We’ll chat as things get closer. Can you e-mail me your phone info. (I haven’t been able to transfer all my numbers yet and I was working through the list alphabetically. I think I am on D.)

  11. I love the snow after it has first fallen. One of the best sights for me is waking up and seeing snow falling and then looking outside and seeing everything covered in white; it’s beautiful.

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  12. Hi Holly, thanks for stopping by to visit and comment. I do love freshly fallen snow, in the country, but when I have to shovel it or commute in it, it isn’t so great. And getting away from it for a few days in the sun is also great.

  13. I wouldn’t be too jealous over a long commute and shoveling. It sucks. I am glad to be in sunny Florida for a while and hopefully there will be no more white stuff when we return. :).

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