Tu Tu Tango… PAD #1055

Tu Tu Tango... PAD #1055


Today was another long day at the convention center. It was much busier than previous days, too. People were also recognizing me and Steve as the Blue Brothers from the night before. So, that was fun.

Tonight I went out to dinner with a bunch of folks from work. We went to a tapas restaurant called Cafe Tu Tu Tango. We ordered a bunch of very tasty tapas and with 12 people we were able to sample a bunch different items.

The restaurant was an eclectic mix of decorations as well as entertainment. There were artists painting, belly dancers, flamenco dancers and a card reader. All over the walls there were pieces of art that were for sale. Way overpriced for the art. Sorry, but some of the things were certainly not worth the amount that they wanted to get.

The meals were delicious including some alligator bites, calamari, Cajun chicken egg rolls and for dessert there was Death by Chocolate. We pretty much killed that thing. There must have been about 6 different types of chocolate desserts on one plate.

Tomorrow is the last day of the convention. We have 2 1/2 hours on the floor. Then I will be heading to my next hotel. Vacation begins at 1:00pm tomorrow! Yes!

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6 thoughts on “Tu Tu Tango… PAD #1055”

  1. Tu Tu Tangos was a great restaurant. Not even a comparison to Cheesecake factory. They are so totally different. The place was a great one to hang out at with friends. Are you in Florida, or is this place a chain elsewhere?

  2. Isn’t it a great place. I would love to go back, they had some great stuff. You have to also go to B.B. Kings, get the Fried Pickles and review them as well. But you have to try them with BBQ sauce, Honey Mustard and then Hot Sauce mixed together. Dip BBQ, Dip HM, and then put a drop of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on it.

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