Kickin’ Shrimp… PAD #1056

Kickin' Shrimp... PAD #1056

Here’s a warning. I am was in a grumpy mood. There was a long rant ahead (no it is just about the Internet connection).

The convention ended today. I was done and out by 1:00pm. That went very well and in my opinion was a successful week.

Communication is so easy with all of the options that are available these days. You can communicate from portable phones, wireless computers and so many other items. Communication today is instant. So there really is no reason to keep anyone in the dark.

I had a rant about communication, wrote it and deleted it. It was of no use to anyone. Just got a venting out for myself. Sometimes with instant communication it is easy to fly off the handle about things. And sometimes you just have to let it go.

I had lunch at Tony Roma’s. Not that bad, but not anything to really get too excited about. Photo today is of the Kickin’ Shrimp I had. So basically the highlights for today were Watching LOST (because I was stuck at the hotel) and having Kickin’ Shrimp.

The hotel I am staying at is new. They have small suites. I have one for the next three nights. There is a living room area, and two double beds. It is gonna be cozy here for the next few days with Allison, Eva, Marcia and Dan. I had thought that since there was a living room area the room would be more separated. Nope.

And this hotel has horrible Internet. I’ve gotten locked out twice because I opened too many tabs in Firefox. So I have had to call technical support twice. Apparently I can only open 200 connections at once. And having 15 – 20 tabs open at once locks things up because that can be over 200 connections. Crappy Internet access! I am so grumpy it isn’t even funny.

But I am on vacation so that is the end of my rant. Tomorrow kicks off with IZEA Loco at IZEA HQ. It is gonna be amazing!

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6 thoughts on “Kickin’ Shrimp… PAD #1056”

  1. I was hoping to see the loco today, but my kid is demanding to go to a museum. Don’t get too much icing up your nose! 🙂

    I’ve done the hotel room with the inlaws and a little one before. It isn’t too bad. And only a few days of your life. But you learn that the next time you want to do a vaykay with the fam, separate rooms with adjoining doors are a better way to go. (We go to the SEC Basketball tournament every year with my in-laws.)

    alli’s last blog post..Where Dreams Do Come True (emphasis on DO)

  2. Oh, the room thing is no big deal, I just read things wrong. We are a cozy bunch.

    I am sure they will archive the day’s video feed. Or at least I hope they do.

    Have fun at the museum. Get lots of pictures. 🙂 Like you need to be asked to do that.

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