Front yard Photo Shoot… PAD #1108

Front yard Photo Shoot... PAD #1108

Today was a rather productive day. I vacuumed the house, picked up a new car seat for Eva (she is growing so fast and will soon be out of the carry seat. I also picked up a 1 Terabyte External Hard Drive and a copy of the movie Juno. It was a rather productive day.

Allison was very productive today too, she is working on an Etsy account and will be selling some great knitted hats that look like fruit. She spent some of the morning outside with Eva taking shots of Eva in the Hat. I have to say, her photos are phenomenal. She started with the camera on Hi ISO (my bad, I left it on after something I shot last night) Then I came out and noticed the images were grainy and I fixed the setting. I took a couple of shots of Allison and Eva and then gave the camera back. The shots after I left are great and Allison will most likely be posting photos and links to her Etsy account soon (I will too once I know the links).

Today we were also joined by my favorite Four Footed Canine Blogger, Stephen the Dog. Stephen came over with his A & R (That is what he calls the people who take care of him). The 6 of us went for a walk around the neighborhood. Eva loved spending time with Stephen and Stephen even tried to get one good lick in on Eva. Stephen also got along with Tara’s dog Taylor. Sot hat was nice that they could play int he back yard for a while. I hope that Stephen joins us next weekend for the next New England Photo Expeditions trip. This one is in Concord , MA at Great Meadows National Refuge. I was looking at the photos form the people from this past trip and they have some fantastic shots. I look forward to learning more from each person in the group.

Here are a few shots from Today.


What you looking at Tough Guy

How's that baby taste...

Hanging with Stephen the Dog

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12 thoughts on “Front yard Photo Shoot… PAD #1108”

  1. I think it’s great that Eva is getting along so well with her four-legged friends. She’s gonna be quite the nature/animal lover!

    Once Allison sets up her Etsy shop, please let her know that I’ll be willing to donate a BlogAd on all of the three blogs of mine that have them. She can contact me when she’s ready.

    Christine’s last blog post..Live, in Massachusetts, it’s CATURDAY NIGHT!

  2. Thanks Christine, Allison commented back and said that she would let you know when the shop is up and running.

  3. Hi Angelika,
    Yep, those chubby chewable cheeks are now most likely covered in oatmeal or rice cereal. She tends to move her head quickly and we get spoons on the cheeks.

  4. Hey Hon, I am sure you got a bunch of awesome shots the other day to use for your site, I am looking forward to what you set up.

  5. Eva is growing for sure! She is sooo adorable. Makes me want to have another baby, oh no can’t do that. Must look away quickly….

    Give those cheeks some kisses from me 🙂

    Connie’s last blog post..Calm Down

  6. Hey Connie,

    I wish I could give her some kisses but I am traveling again. And she is cutting her first tooth too.

    She does have the power to trick people into having more kids.

  7. Ellen,
    You are correct, I am very proud of this baby girl. She has been a source of joy and wonder in our lives. And she makes me say things like that last statement so you know she has made an impact.

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