Road Warrior Battlefield… PAD #1109

Road Warrior Battlefield... PAD #1109

I am back on the road again. A somewhat short week this week. I am in Tulsa for the night and a demo tomorrow and then back to the airport to head to Arkansas for a demo on Wednesday and then a return home on Thursday morning. But the good thing is that I will be home for Lost’s return on Thursday night to make popcorn for Allison.

Eva is cutting her first tooth and that makes it harder to be away, it is the little things. Allison has been taking photos of Eva since I’ve been gone so at least I have those, it is great when she sends them to me on the phone too.

I wrote two guest blog posts today, one on the IZEA Blog and the other one on FuelMyBlog’s Blog.

I’m not sure if this photo is really an Entropy one. I wanted to find something out side to take a photo of, I wanted to get a river that was pretty much rust colored but I was on a bridge and well, that wasn’t safe. Tomorrow’s April Challenge Photo will be cool though. I just found out that instead of a June Challenge there will be a May challenge and it is a little different, you’ll have to read more about it to get the full idea.

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