Bathroom Etiquette

Bathroom Etiquette
Photo-A-Day #1208

Tonight after our demonstrations we went to a nice little pub for dinner. In the upstairs ladies bathroom there was a giant painting on the wall. The ladies that I was with went upstairs and came down with some photos of the painting. They then decided that I needed to go up with them to take a photo for my daily photo. So this is the daily photo. Pictured are Joanne, Lindsay, Kaitlyn and Devin. There was one other woman in the bathroom before I went in and she came out calling for me to go in and take the photo. She played along really well with us.

I took a bunch of photos today at dinner and around Westminister. We went to a place called Strada. It was a pretty nice place and we had a great waiter, I think we overwhelmed him. His name was George and he was a pretty nice guy and he took our photo and let us take a photo of him.

Tomorrow we are going to take a bus tour around the city and get to see many places in a short amount of time. You can check out a few more of the photos on my London Flickr Set.

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2 thoughts on “Bathroom Etiquette”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just found this site and my photo! It was glad to meet you! And Lindsay is really nice… 🙂
    One day i’d like to try myself in USA as a photographer. This is my hobby as well.
    Please say hello to the others!!!
    (from hungary)

  2. Hi George,
    Everyone will be very excited to see that you found the blog and commented. You were a very good waiter and I hope we didn’t give you too much grief that night. Glad you liked the photo. If you ever come to the US (say Boston perhaps) send me a comment, we can go out and take photos together, there is a lot to see in Boston.

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