The Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus
Photo-A-Day #1209

Today I got up and headed out with my friend Bill. We were going to take the Big Bus Company Tour. We bought our tickets at the front desk of the hotel, then we went over to the Kilburn park Underground station. We got some day tickets for the ‘Tube’ and shot over to Piccadilly Circus. There we picked up a tour bus and took that through the city to the Tower of London. Along the way we took a ton of shots from the top of the back of the bus.

I took well over 200-300 photos today. I have no clue how many. Tonight I will upload them all to Flickr as Private and then go through and pick out the ones I don’t want. These will be pretty raw and I won’t be straightening them or cropping them so they will be SOOTC Straight Out Of The Camera or SOTC Straight Off The Card. I will run them through Photoshop to make them smaller and more easily uploaded however.

The day was a really fun one. The bus tour was well worth the price and then when we got to the Tower of London (which is a giant fortress and not one big giant tower, it actually has 20 towers) we decided to walk over Tower bridge and then back to the Tower of London to take the tour. That too was well worth the price of admission. We took the guided tour lead by one of the Beefeaters. It was great and we learned so much about the history of the Tower(s). Once we were finished with that the group gave us a call and we set up a meeting spot in front of Buckingham Palace. We were to meet them on the Monument that is in front of the Palace. Not the best idea as this is were I got separated from the group on Monday. But no worries the group did show up for us, just very late.

We walked from the Palace to Wesminster Abbey and took a ton of photos there and of Parliament and the Big Ben Clock Tower. Not Big Ben mind you because that is the 13 ton bell inside the tower and not the clock.

From there we walked up to Covent Gardens. There we had dinner at Chez Girard. The food was decent and we (Bill and I) were famished because we never stopped for lunch during the day. You can see our adventures on the London Flickr Set. I’ll get as many up as I can as fast as I can too.

Tomorrow I find a Harley Shop and pick up something for Allison and Eva. I’ve got Eva’s gift picked out in my head, I just have to find it. I think I’ll hit Harrod’s to look, they might have what I am looking for. Oh and I have to work tomorrow as well so I should get some sleep, again it is nearing the hour of midnight here in London.

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9 thoughts on “The Wheels on the Bus”

  1. Chica,
    You are up late? OR Are you? It is 2:00 on the East coast and 7:am here so I don’t know which end is up. I’m having a good time. I just uploaded about 300 photos to my London set (overnight) and they are now public. So, um, be prepared to be a little teensy bit more jealous, sorry.

  2. Why I oughta…Hrmph! lol

    I’ve already drooled over your flickr set, and seen quite a handful of stunning images.

  3. I got ya. You must have seen the set right as I was making it public. I want to write something on every one but there are 300+ photos. I was lucky to get them posted last night/this morning before I had to leave to go do my actual job.

  4. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, Drew. Harley shop ? If you can please get me a T shirt and I’ll pay for it/ Thanks, be safe.

  5. Eddie,
    Some days it is good like last week and this week and some days it does have its faults. But overall it is a good job, I’ve been with it for over 7 years.

  6. Dad,
    I got this comment after I had already gone and come back. It was not fun to find but I found it. The shirts were $50 each when you do the exchange. I looked at them and they were nice but not worth $50. I did pick up a pin for you though. Having fun but looking forward to being home.

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