Um, Are You Going to Teach Her About Personal Space?

Um, Are You Going to Teach Her About Personal Space?
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Eva is a big fan of my cousin. Eva spent a day with her this past Tuesday and today we went to a family party. Eva and my cousin played together for a while. Eva followed her all around. It takes my cousin a little bit of time to warm up to everyone (even me and kids LOVE me). I did finally get a smile out of her and made her laugh too. Eva went for the direct approach and launched herself at my cousin and latched on.

We had a wonderful time for my Cousin Justin’s graduation party. I can’t beleive how fast the time has gone and how quickly my cousins have grown up. Allison also couldn’t believe that Justin’s younger sister is off to college next year. I couldn’t believe it either. Just eight short years ago she was ten.

We spent a lot of time catching up and talking with everyone. We also showed off Eva’s Disney autograph book (post about that specifically coming soon). We’re a big ole Disney loving family. I’m just the tip of the iceberg, believe it.

After the party we drove down to the Cape and hope to enjoy some good weather and beach time tomorrow. Crossing fingers.

2 thoughts on “Um, Are You Going to Teach Her About Personal Space?”

  1. At Eva’s age you don’t worry about teaching them about personal space. She needs contact with anyone and they just go for it. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. I have never been to Disney yet. Pretty bad for someone my age.

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  2. Baba,
    I’m pretty sure my cousin didn’t mind the full contact hug. The expression was perfect for the post title.

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