Photo-A-Day #245 12/09/05

So the Northeast got some snow today. I got sent home early from work too. Pretty sweet. I actually got the nod prior to the overhead announcement. So, when I was waiting for the elevator to come to my floor, the overhead annoucement came on to let everyone know that a Snow Emergency was declared from and supervisors could let their people go home. So here I am standing at the elevator and this announcement comes on and I am all ready to leave. Steve sees me and says, You wasted no time getting out of here didn’t you. My timing is just priceless sometimes.

The drive home was an adventure. I had Eragon on most of the time so that was good company. So I am finished with that book and can’t wait to listen to Eldest. I requested that for a Christmas gift, that is pretty much all I want for Christmas this year. As for other books, I am halfway through a Superior Death. I really like the series so far.

Tonight Dad and Erik took the two snowblowers out and did the driveway. I cleaned off and moved the cars around and took some pictures. Including this one and a bunch more. You can see the others by clicking here. Glad that Dad got the lights up before the first snow, they look great nder the snowfall..