Photo-a-Day #251 12/15/05

So I decided to get the Treo 650. And when I went to get the Treo 650 for $99.00 based upon an ad in Sunday’s newspaper. Let’s just say that the ad below does not reflect the real price one would pay. You would think that one would pay $199.00 for the Treo 650. Not so, no no, not so. Silly person who thinks that ads actually reflect real numbers. How silly! What that ad doesn’t say, and it says it NOWHERE on the whole ad, is that you have to buy the unlimited data plan to get the $100 discount. So I was expecting to go in, return my LG VX9800, and get a new Treo 650 for $99.00 ($199.00 with rebates plus $100.00 for the Verizon New Every Two deal where you get $100 towards a new phone every 2 years.). But instead I ended up running between the two verizon sellers in the store finding out exactly what the ad really meant and then paying $199.00 for the phone because I decided not to get the monthly unlimited data addition (a $44.00 a month fee that would have made the phone $100 less). But I still got the phone because it is what I wanted. And so far I am pretty happy about the phone, not about the crappy ad in the paper. And I read all the fine print. Nowhere does it say that you need to buy the data plan. I cry foul.