Photo-A-Day #325 02/27/06

Downtown Corning, New York. This is the facade of the Rockwell Museum of Western Art. As I was driving to the hotel I saw this and since it was still light I ran back over after stopping at the Harding Harley Davidson Shop I found a public parking area and walked over to the museum, but it was closed, however I got this shot of the buffalo making an escape.

I saw Eight Below today. I really enjoyed the movie, it is hard to watch at times for dog lovers but it is also a triumphant movie of epic survival. I’m not the biggest Paul Walker fan but I liked him very much in this movie. This movie was inspired by the true story of Taro and Jiro, two Japanese sled dogs who survived in the arctic. The original movie about Taro and Jiro was called Nankyoku Monogatari. Taro and Jiro are national heroes in Japan. There is a monument to them and a stamp as well.

Bonus Picture from Today