Photo-A-Day #343 03/17/06

Tonight we had Andy and Rondi over for dinner. Tara and Erik and Mom and Dad and Elise were also here for dinner. I made about 8 pounds of corned beef and am pretty sure I ate at least a pound of it, it feels like I did. I am so stuffed. Two crock pots, and 2 large pots on the stove.

Tara made a vegetarian dish for her and Rondi and I made sure that I made the potatoes, carrots, and cabbage without any corned beef water. For the life of me I kept trying to think of the name for the carrots,cabbage and potatoes combination and I was wrong about what it was because what I called it was Colcannon, at least that was the word I was thinking about but Colcannon is more of a just cabbage, and potatoes dish.

Well we had a great meal including some Black and Tans with Guinness and Harp and Andy made a green ice cream that was raspberry flavored that I really liked, but apparently I was the only one. Sorry Andy.

Bonus Picture