Photo-A-Day #348 03/22/06

Well, I finished my first trade show. Finished a presentation project that I tworked on and presented with Peter. Now I am waiting to fly to my next site for a demo tomorrow in Marshall,MN. I fly to Sioux Falls, SD on a flight that was delayed and than not delayed so who knows when it will happen. Looking forward to an early night on my own timeclock. Only about one week till our trip to Disney. I also found out that Christopher Williams is going to be back at the Lyon’s Den in Norton on April 6th. That will be pretty sweet to get a picture of Christopher during the final week of one year’s work on the Photo-A-Day project. I’m going to continue it of course, it has become something I look forward too each day and I hope that you do too.

Tthe plane did not leave on time, big surprise. I did finish both of the Lost books: Endangered Species and Secret Identity. Both were decent reads and having read all three while Lost has been in re-runs has made me so look forward to a new episode tonight. I am now reading the next Nevada Barr book about National Parks Ranger Anna Pigeon. This book is called Liberty Falling and is set in New York on Ellis Island and Liberty Island. It is so unsettling to read a book or see a movie that shows or describes the World Trade Center in New York, still feels unreal to fly over New York and see such a diferent skyline now.

Here is a wind farm that I drove by on the way to my next hotel..