Photo-A-Day #353 03/27/06

So, I got one more piece of equipment for the feet. Yep, I have Superfeet inserts, Toe Crests, and now the Pediflex binders. I had another doctor’s visit today and I’m on icing my feet 3 times daily for 15 minutes each time plus the additional foot accoutrements.

Dont worry Im still going to give it my best shot at the marathon on Sunday. The final race details just came out and Im not that happy. The reason is that there are no buses from our hotel to the start of the race. The only hotel that is getting bus service is the Pop Century resort. I was unaware of this before we made plans for the trip. Had I known we probably would have stayed at Pop Century instead of All Star movies, but in this case well have to get a taxi to drop me off and to get Allison over to the Boardwalk to watch me go by.

The good news is that I have been reading the map incorrectly. I thought that the race route went along the road and then into Epcot then through the Boardwalk Area and then MGM but I had it wrong because I had it in reverse. The race actually hits MGM at the 3 mile mark then from MGM to the Boardwalk area and then through Epcot and out on the road. This is very good news because Ill be able to hit the parks without worrying if Ill make it inside, like the marathon last January.