Photo-A-Day #409 05/22/06

FRom the Grand Teton’s National Park.

Written on the Plane

I’m in the air again, headed out to Idaho Falls, ID. I have a brief demo tomorrow and then it is back home for me.

On Friday, Allison’s car had to be towed to the shop. It was making some nasty rumbles and shakes. The car was towed to our Volkswagon dealer to be serviced. That left Allison with no car. I picked her up after work on friday and took her home. Good thing too because the Pike was shut down and it would have taken forever to get home that way. So when we got home I snapped a quick shot of Allison looking forlornly at an empty parking spot. We had just enough time to quickly post the photo and then head out to Amy and Ryan’s.

I just finished Nevada Barr’s book Blood Lure. It was a good read. The next book, Hunting Season seems to be one that we are missing. So I will try and find it while out on the road. I’m headed to Yellowstone when I land in Idaho. It is a 2 1/2 hour ride but should be well worth it to see sights like Old Faithful. I wonder when Anna Pigeon is going to get stationed at Yellowstone. I have the book that comes after Hunting Season, Flashback, but probably won’t read it till after I get Hunting Season. There are 4 books left, Hunting Season, Flashback, High Country and Hard Truth. I’m not sure if there is another in the works yet. I will have to check at Nevada Barr’s website.

So because I am particular about reading books in order I picked up a book from a series I read about 2 years ago. The series is by Laurell K. Hamilton and the main character is vampire hunter, Anita Blake. I’ve read all the books in that series except for the latest one, Micah, I picked up at the Borders at the airport. They did not have Hunting Season.

The flight’s movie was Hoodwinked. That is a pretty funny and clever movie. Allison and I had taken my cousins to see it when it was in the theaters. There is some great one liners that adults can enjoy.

Recorded while riding through the park.






I took over 100 pictures in the park, these are the ones I consider the best. Enjoy.

Okay I’m done. It is 12:00 pm here. 2:00 am by my internal clock, even though the Vault kicked in about an hour ago and I’m buzzing like a hummingbird, I need to get some sleep.