Photo-A-Day #431 06/13/06

Tonight we watched the second round of semi finals for Last Comic Standing and guess what Gabriel Iglesias was the people’s choice and he got in the house!! (or rather on the cruise ship). You may remember that I got to meet Gabriel back in January of 2005. If you don’t remember you can go for a refresher. Looking back I also met another competitor named Saleem. I’ve got a picture with him too. So I am urging everyone to vote for Gabriel Iglesias to win, he’s the funniest in the house, on the ship.

Anthony Clark cannot pronounce America. He calls it Americ-er. I find that irritating, but yet less irritating than Jay Mohr.

Allison and I did some rollerblading this afternoon. Good fun. Allison is getting alot more confident on her blades. We’ll be out on the canal by summer’s end.

Oliver didn’t really care about the show. He’s more interested in what the ceiling looks like.