Photo-A-Day #438 06/20/06

Today’s photo is lame, it sucks… I admit it. I spent the entire day from 8:45am to 5:00pm talking, demonstrating and answering questions. I left the demo barely functional enough to remember my own name let alone how to get back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel I had no desire to leave. This picture is of the artwork that graces many the Courtyard Marriott rooms. I took this picture because a.) I love artwork in hotels, b.) I love flowers and the color yellow, or c.) With this picture I could say something lame like ‘Hey, I bet Allison stayed in a Courtyard Marriott and that is what gave her the idea for the yellow picket fence headboard.’, and I don’t even have to go back outside. I went with option C. The only cool part of this is that I took the picture in the mirror behind the bathroom door so that the flash wouldn’t show as a bright spot on the glass of the picture and neither would my reflection. Now, if I could have used that for something less lame.

Allison sent me this picture today of Oliver. It was a nice wake up message that she sent on the camera phone. Speaking of camera phones, I forgot my portable card reader so I thought I couldn’t upload my Photo-A-Day from yesterday or today but then realized I could take my SD memory card from my camera, put it in my Treo and beam the image to the laptop, it takes about 5 minutes to beam a 1.8MB image but it is better than nothing (Although with the uninspired images from today and yesterday I guess it really wasn’t worth the 5 minute beamings.) Better pictures will be coming; I will get something good tomorrow on my ride home.

I started reading the next Nevada Barr book in the series, It is called Flashback, Law Enforcement Ranger Anna Pigeon is in the Dry Tortugas off of Florida in an old Fort that is now a National Park. This book is a little different in that each chapter is either present day or a Flashback through the device of old letters from a family member of Anna’s. So when I finished a cliffhanger on the previous chapter I thought I’d dive right into the action but ended up back in the 1800’s. It was a bit frustrating but I liked it in a way. I am eager to read more. Allison is on book three of the series called Ill Wind. I’m glad she is enjoying the books so much. It is tough reading a series so far apart from each other because if one of us has read a book then we have to be careful not to reveal the plot to the other. Also I get questions like, “So and So isn’t the killer because if he is I’m not finishing this book.” To which I must reply by shrugging my shoulders to prevent giving away any part of the story.

Because the picture today is so terrible here is another one from Allison, if she did PAD this would be her photo today.