Photo-A-Day #466 07/18/06

Today’s photo is of my sister Tara’s new composter the Envir-o-cycle. So now we’ll take care of our vegetable and fruit waste by dumping it in this thing, and after some time it will produce some great compost. You know what that means, more flower pictures.

I feel like today I got a Kharmic Ice Cream Sundae. My car has been in the shop for two days to get the air conditioner fixed. I held off as long as I could stand it and then got it fixed. I was expecting a huge, huge bill. Luckily I bought an extended warranty on the car. It covers till 100,000 miles or six years. Since I have 84,304 miles on it in 4 years. I’d say that I’ll hit the mile cutoff before the year cutoff. But the repair was a small one and the extended warranty picked up $321.00, so nice. That is a car payment. So I’m hoping that if anything else warranty related is to occur that it will occur in the next 15,000 miles. So hence the Kharmic Sundae as opposed to the usual Kharmic crapwiches that come along.

Update: Oh yeah this post was also supposed to be about customer service. On Monday Allison and I went to Stop & Shop where we bought some sunscreen that was on sale for $7.99 and was regularly $10.99. When we were done ringing up the total of our purchases I noticed that the sunscreen rang up at $10.99. So I went to customer service to get the $3.00. At customer service they had someone check the display and found that it was indeed supposed to be on sale for $7.99. The customer service person asked us for a penny and gave us back $11.00. I said, “No, I still want to pay for this.” And she shook her head, apparently there is a scan right guarantee at Stop & Shop. If your purchases does not scan correctly you get the full amount of the item back. That was indeed a pleasant customer service experience.

Also despite my car having to stay at the dealership overnight, I ad a good customer service experience there. Bobby Gazza was the guy I worked with at Bernardi Honda and he was excellent. I am certainly bringing my car back there. And they gave me a free car wash. It knocked the dirt off but not the “Dirt” message. I’m gonna have to wash it by hand if I want that to come off.

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