Photo-A-Day #471 07/23/06

Today Allison and I went to IKEA with Neil and Andrea. We went to get a set of shelves to put into our kitchen. The desk that we are using now as a place to store items is going to be moved to Allison’s art room/ future nursery (no kids or signs of kids yet). We also have a file cabinet that we are using for kitchen stuff too and that is being moved.

We picked up the GORM system, including two (approx. W30″ X D20″ X H68″) sections with 4 shelves. We also picked up 4 additional shelves that are 19″ wide. So all together we will make use of storage space of about 7 feet of width and almost 6 feet of height. So look for some pictures when we get this built. After the IKEA trip (about 4 hours, that place is huge) we went back to Neil and Andrea’s and had a very nice dinner and caught up with them.

Tomorrow is my eye surgery, so we will see how things go tomorrow (no pun intended).

I found this both funny and sad that a sign needed to be added to a non-functioning toilet that is in the middle of a store.