Photo-A-Day #472 07/24/06

The surgery is over and now I’m waiting for my other senses to decrease about 38%. I still have some goopy stuff in my eye and have to put drops in every hour or so and tomorrow have another Eye doctor appointment but I am felling okay. I had a slight headache after the procedure and it feels like something is in my eye, like an eyelash or something. There actually is something in my eye and that is a new lens, which apparently didn’t fit right at first, or so I read from Allison’s post. I was still a little loopy when I was told that. I do remember saltines, saltines and ginger ale are my friends. Very tasty. They even gave me seconds.

The procedure was very interesting, I had lots of eye drops put into my eyes, (a regimen of 4 drops every 5 minutes three times and then the eye doctor put in 2 more.) And now I have to put in two drops every hour. During the procedure I was awake and saw many colors, actually just 7 colors, the standard rainbow ones, no chartreuse or anything exotic. It was always a rainbow assortment of colors, very standard. The nurses were excited because I was the youngest patient that they were going to see that day. One of my nurses was only a year younger than me.

I had a congenital cataract so I actually had this from the time I was born, it developed and became and issue when I was about 8 years old, then it got no bigger and at that time the procedure was not as widely done. Now the procedure takes about 10 minutes (mine was longer, gotta be difficult you know). I should be able to go drive tomorrow, it is kinda hard to get the glasses on with this big plastic patch. Not even a cool pirate eyepatch either. Oh well.

Thank you Allison for going with me and taking care of me for the next couple of days. I love you. This even brought her out of blog retirement.