Photo-A-Day #506 08/27/06

Today Allison and I rode to the Cape with Tara to visit with my sister Shelby and to see Sr. Bernadette and Fr. Felix. This photo was taken by Tara, yes we are a family of picture takers. Shelby’s birthday is tomorrow and we are pretty sure she has never had a birthday at home, they have all been on the Cape since we got the house there.

We spent the afternoon and well into the evening at the house, relaxing through the rainy day, reading napping, having some Paul’s Pizza and sharing a cake to celebrate Fr. Felix’s 50 years in the Friary. Allison and I showed Fr. Felix and Sr. Bernadette our wedding pictures and honeymoon scrapbook. It was nice to go through the pictures again.

Here are some Additional pictures we took at the house.

Me, Shelby and Tara

Dad and Shelby

Shelby, Mom & Tara