Photo-A-Day #509 08/30/06

Today I went to Jasper, Indiana. Not my first time here either. In fact I was here in March of 2005. The German Place is called the Schintzelbank. It has a bunch of good food. I found my way here without much incident. I had two other guys following me on the road and I didn’t get us lost. I thought I was going to at first but things worked out. Last time I was here there was a big discrepancy in the time zones. I flew into Evansville, Indiana and then drove to Jasper, Indiana. Each was in a different time zone. Now they are in the same time zone. It really threw me off this trip.

Well, I’m not sure how they do it but TSA was able to pinpoint a small tube of hair gel in my bag under my electric razor and deodorant. They were very nice about it and gave me the option of checking my bags. I had the guy just toss it out. I’m glad they found it, makes me feel like they have a clue.

I started reading the next Kathy Reichs book: Fatal Voyage. The book begins with disaster recovery of a plane crash. I actually started reading the book on Saturday and had already gotten through many chapters in the story before the crash on Sunday. What I was reading about mirrored what I watched unfold in Lexington, KY. It was a bit surreal to say the least. Not much has had made me nervous about flying over these past 5 years. The Kentucky crash on Sunday was one of them.

I was asked how I can read a book with that subject matter written in such (graphic) detail. I guess, for me, reading about something is what it is, a story. I am now immediately sucked right into the story of each of these books. They are fascinating and interesting and suspenseful all at the same time.

While in the PVD airport I wrote a blog that I had neglected a couple of weeks back. If it s a recap of the day of sailing. I added it to that blog entry.

Day of Sailing

A Bonus Photo

Allison and I were just talking about hotels stepping up to help out travelers who have to get rid of their toiletries at the airport. We were talking about the problem of having to buy toiletries and then throwing them out. The next step that will help me out would be a packet like this of hair gel. Then I’d be set.