Photo-A-Day #514 09/04/06

Today Allison and I had a very spontaneous day. We started with breakfast on the back porch with Mom and Dad and then took a drive over to the Nobska Light House to do some photo shooting. We ran from there to Grandma and Grandpa’s to share our pictures with Grandma. We also took Grandma for a walk around the block and we went out to the backyard for a little while.

We had intended to go home or to catch up with Neil and Andrea on the boat. While we were in the backyard the weather was beautiful and it had been a crappy weather weekend. So we changed plans and picked up some sandwiches to have on the beach. We went back to the house changed and headed over to the beach. That was just in time for a giant cloud to cover the sun. It was windy too, but we stuck it out until the cloud moved and the blue skies came back. As we were on the beach we got a call from Neil. They were at Bassett’s island and were going to head back to the house for burgers and dogs and strawberry shortcake. So we stayed at the beach for a while longer and went back and changed and headed over to their place. About an hour and a half later they were home. I mistakenly mixed up Toby’s island and Bassett’s island and it turns out that they were at the further island.

So, when Neil and Andrea arrived we headed out to pick up dinner while they showered. I was asked to pick up Jordan’s Old Tyme Franks. They were in fact Jordan’s red skins. But I asked for old tyme and that is what I got. We verified it and they were very good hot dogs. Dinner was a good time we also got some nice sunset photos across from the house. I have a few bonus shots from today.

Nobska Light

Sunset on Monument Beach

Sunset through the trees

Another Sunset Shot.