Photo-A-Day #552 10/12/06

Can you believe that we are only one month away from our first anniversary? No, not the blog anniversary, the anniversary of our wedding day. It seems like this year has blown by so quickly and it is hard to believe that one year ago we were frantically putting the finishing touches on the wedding. Finishing the CD guest favors, making sure we had everything in place for the day, doing a quickie diet to drop a couple of pounds for pictures. Man what a fast paced time in our lives. It doesn’t seem possible. In that time we finally made up wedding albums for our parents but not for ourselves. I still have to pull together the video (but have been learning some good things on Adobe Premiere Elements so I will be ready with some good stuff for the wedding video.) Many of our gifts are still residing in the back hall but we did get quite a few out and are using them daily and just love the fact that our friends and family were so generous with their time and gifts.

Last night’s episodes of LOST and The Nine were good second attempts. While not packing the punch of the premieres they were solid episodes in their own right. The best part about LOST was the revelation to Jack that the Red Sox had won the World Series.

Looking forward to My Name is Earl and The Office tonight. There is a nice interview at the Onion with Jason Lee.

Oliver loves his new kitty pillow from IKEA.