Photo-A-Day #560 10/20/06

Tonight Andy and Rondi came over for dinner. Allison made some very tasty chili. And after dinner we had our own version of Mexican dessert since I could not find it in the supermarket. I tried I really did to find the actual Mexican dessert box but it was nowhere to be found. So I got some waffle bowls, some nestle ice cream toppers or cookie crumbs and mini peanut butter chips and then I got some Reese’s shell to pour over the creation. I also picked up a box of pirouettes to put into the ice cream. It was well received.

It was very nice to have Andy and Rondi come to visit at our place. We haven’t had them over in a while. We showed them the wedding album that we made for my parents. And while Allison and Rondi talked, Andy and I talked about and opened my new camera. I’ve got to wait till tomorrow to get a picture from the camera. But here is a picture of the camera.

At the end of the night Andy was getting nose to nose with Duncan and I went to take a picture and Rondi climbed over onto Andy’s back, that is the photo a day. I took another picture as she got up and it looks like she has just planted Andy’s face onto the carpet. Rondi is unstoppable. Here is that picture