Photo-A-Day #626 12/25/06

Photo-A-Day 626 122506

Merry Christmas all. Today Allison and I left NH and headed back to MA. We dropped off Allison’s grandparents and then headed home. We got home around 10 or 11, not sure since most time yesterday was a blur. From the two turkeys to the ham and all of the sides, we had plenty to eat and it was very good too. I love the meals at Holiday time as my belt can attest to.

Before the rest of the family came over Allison and I opened gifts with Mom, Dad, Tara, Erik and Shelby. We’ll all be eating well over the next few months as we exchanged gift cards from out favorite restaurants. Erik brought back some wonderful gifts for Allison and Mom from India. Allison and I got some much needed and appreciated gift cards for home improvement as our projects around the house are increasing. It was very nice to spend some time together as a family and relax a bit.

Then Allison and I went upstairs and unpacked from the weekend and exchanged our gifts to each other. Allison got me a bunch of great clothes from Old Navy (She knows I won’t shop for myself, I wear clothes till they fall off me and hardly ever buy myself anything new). I got Allison a CD, DVD, and a Wii points card (so she can buy some of the classic games that she’s been dying to play. We don’t have a Wii yet but soon we will be buying one.

Then we prepared for everyone who was going to visit. We had My Uncle Richard, Sally, Erik’s parents Howard and Bonnie, Aunt Luann, Nicholas and Lindsey, Uncle Jim and then later we had Carissa, Chris and Aunt Donna come over. We exchanged gifts and had a nice time with everyone. We took Chris, Carissa and Donna on a tour through the renovations. I also showed cousin Nick around too.

We did miss seeing Grandma and Grandpa as they are both sick with Bronchitis. They sent along their gifts and today Tara and Mom are going down to visit them. By 11:00pm we were dead tired and called it a day. Until Next Year. Merry Christmas.

Photo-A-Day 626b 122506
Mom with a pashmina that Erik brought back from India.

Photo-A-Day 626c 122506
Chris left his sweatshirt at home.

Photo-A-Day 626d 122506
Our Annual photo by the tree.