Photo-A-Day #642 01/10/07

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This is Oliver in mid yawn. I love it because he looks goofy and lately he’s been looking a little to tough with the big scratch across his nose. Ollie was sitting and laying wrapped up in a green blanket and he looked so cute so I got my camera and started to take his picture. This is Oliver’s cue to get up and un-cute himself. But I got him back I put up a goofy picture of him on the Internet as Photo-A-Day.

Why is it that when a plane arrives early to the airport this means that you are going to arrive in the terminal 20-30 minutes late. Yes, this happened to me today. I flew from Cedar Rapids to ORD and we arrived early. Cause for celebration, um no. This means we park for a while because there is a plan at out gate, them we take the scenic route to the gate after a 10 minute site. all in all my flight was supposed to get in at 8:00am and we got in at 7:50am but didn’t get to the gate and off the plane till 8:25am. I hate hearing that we got there early because efficiency is not rewarded in air travel. It just isn’t. On a good note Allison’s bags actually arrived today via FedEx. Now we need to ship the shower gifts back down to PA. It never ends.

Had lunch with Allison today, she was very happy that I didn’t end up gong to TX and I didn’t end up gone for an entire week. I’m glad to be home but was also looking forward to some Texas pictures. Oh well, I am headed to Texas next month (as of now) We’ll see about some pictures then.We’ll see about some pictures then.

Also Birthday wishes to Lindsay, Michelle, and Peggy who share their birthdays with Allison.

Thanks everyone who sent Allison cards, e-cards and called her. My second demo this week got canceled so I was able to make it home for Allison’s birthday. Glad we have such wonderful friends and family.

3 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #642 01/10/07”

  1. That’s a great photo, hon. I love Ollie yawning! For some reason, we don’t see Dunks do that as much as we do Ollie. Maybe it’s because Ollie is lasy like his mom….

  2. What is the white spot on his toungue? It looks like he has been eating chalk or something.

    Oh yeah and Drew you are supposed to be in Texas. You not being in Texas have foiled all my evil plans.

  3. The lighter spot on his tongue is just what color the middle of their tounge is. I don’t know if it’s the taste buds that make it look lighter or what, but that’s what it is, just lighter color.

    You have Evil plans? I don’t believe that Andy is capable of evil….

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