Photo-A-Day #715 03/24/07


Today Allison had Zeta Day. I worked on the blog most of the morning. Then went and got lunch at d’Angelo, got my comic books and took a ride out by the farms. There were some horses out and the sun was out on this beautiful day. I went home and decided to head back up to the farms on foot with my Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera. I took this photo on that walk.

The updates to this blog. You can see is you take a little look around that I have added some buttons and chicklets from my old blog. I kept up with my activity on Twitter throughout the day. I’ve added links to the people who are hosting Photo-A-Day on their blogs. You can host it on your blog as well. If you are interested you can learn how to add Photo-A-Day to your blog. You can also subscribe to this blog in many many ways. I added buttons to as many readers as I could find, look for them in the left sidebar.

I also ran out to have lunch at d’Angelo. It was a fairly decent turkey club. While I was sitting there eating my lunch a woman came up to me and offered me the cookie from her meal. She didn’t want it and it was still wrapped so I took it. Of course, I am trying very hard to cut down on my intake of food and eat better, I got turkey for lunch, Baked Lays and Diet Soda. In the past I would have bought a medium or large steak bomb sandwich, eaten the whole thing with a large regular soda and some greasy chips. Nobody would have offered me a cookie on those days. It was a nice gesture on her part and I thanked her for the cookie.

The comic book store that I go to is Wild Times Comics. Randy is the owner and he is a really nice guy. He’s in a rock band called WildTime. Randy was interviewed recently about the death of Captain America. His picture was on the front page of our local paper. I talked with him about it and asked him if he thought the paper would do a story about the upcoming Transformers movie. He said that the paper calls him often for contacts who like specific comics and things so he’ll keep me in mind if he is asked about fans of the Transformers. I hope that if I do get interviewed it will go better than my previous encounters with our local paper, the Sun Chronicle. I picked up 4 comic books. I picked up Gen 13 #6, Transformer’s Spotlight: Soundwave, Transformers Movie Prequel #2, and Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Long Way Home, Part 1. I hope to read them tomorrow and give you my impressions of each book.

After the comic book store I drove by the farms that are up the street from my house. A mile or so up the street to be exact. I stopped and took some pictures of some horses with the car in park. They came out horrible.

Horse blocked by fence

See what I mean? So, I took my Nikon D80 DSLR Camera with me and took a walk in the beautiful sunshine so I could take some horse pictures. Along the way I stopped and took this picture of a pond that was flowing into a culvert. I zoomed way in to make it look like a big waterfall.

Mini Waterfall

Then I got to the farm and there were three horses in the pasture. The one form today’s photo came right up to the fence and looked at me. So I was able to get a nice clear shot of the horse. Such a beautiful animal.

I didn’t stay long, just took a couple of pictures and continued my trek on a loop back home. Along the way there wee these two dogs that barked all the way along the front of their house. There used to be only one dog but now there are two to bark you a greeting. I stopped after I passed their house and turned around and took this shot.

Two dogs

As I continued my walk I saw an elf house.

Elf House

Paul Taylor’s Wapsi Square is one of my daily web comic reads. I guess this storyline is based on a real elf house in Minneapolis. I am going to Minneapolis next week but won’t have time to look for the house and I am also listening to National Geographic Traveler’s Magazine: Walks of a Lifetime podcast. This is a very informative series that takes you on a walk around a major city. Many interesting facts in these podcasts. I’ll have to re listen to it before my trip next week.

I am home now and writing this post. But it has been hard because I have two little “needy pants” cats, Oliver and Duncan.

Oliver on the Keyboard

How can anyone work like this?