Photo-A-Day #760 05/08/07

Skateboard Sculpture

Today I am was in Leawood, KS for a demonstration. Actually 2 demonstrations, one first thing in the morning and one at the end of the day. I don’t want to talk about it.

Before the demo I checked out a shopping plaza that was up the street and between demo 1 and demo 2 I went over to the plaza and hung out at Panera Breads to use the free wireless that was there. So I was somewhat productive in that I caught up on my web comics, replied to the comments that people are leaving here, I love that more people are finding this blog and commenting, thanks. I was going to read and watch my iPod but didn’t get around to it.

I left Panera and had lunch at On The Border. On the Border sort of like Chilis and just about as good as a chin restaurant can be, that is like Chilis. I had a tortilla soup and a steak quesadilla. They make there own chips and the salsa was tasty. I watched an episode or two of and then I drove around. There were quite a few different metal sculptures around this shopping plaza and I had seen the skateboard one early this morning. I went back to take today’s PAD.

What is funny about this is that I am not the biggest fan of the skateboarder. It is true, I get very annoyed with the kids on out street, our neighbors actually who constantly jump up and down slamming their skateboards all over the ground, repeating unsuccessfully to Ollie and most of the time land on their butts. Anyway I don’t mind watching skateboarding in movies or playing video games but the local skateboard talent just gets on my nerves. I did like the sculptures around the shopping plaza however and decided that I could get a decent angle to just capture the sculpture and the sky and clouds behind it to get a good PAD.

After my second demonstration – two hours after it was supposed to go off, I don’t want to talk about it – I went back to my hotel to change.

I stayed over near the airport so I could get a good night’s sleep and head over there at a decent hour without having to worry about traffic. I had also been here before and I liked the area and knew where things like the movie theater and important stuff like that, were located.

I changed quickly and headed over to the Smokehouse BBQ that was down the street. This was a rather upscale BBQ joint with cloth napkins, It just felt wrong. The food however was delicious, I got a platter of burnt ends and pork ribs. I was only able to eat half before I was very full. I also tried a couple Corn Nuggets as an appetizer, they were interesting. I walked around that shopping plaza for a while and then headed back to the hotel.

Which is where I am now, updating blogs, my map on Google, reading the Sasquatch graphic novel I picked up Saturday and catching up to speed on the Heroes Graphic Novels online. I haven’t read any yet but Allison says that they are pretty interesting. Oh and as a bonus I took a picture of the pig statue that was outside the Smokehouse BBQ.

Photo-A-Day #760b 05/08/07

3 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #760 05/08/07”

  1. Yeah you right, BIG drew, that’s one BIG hog, baby! The skateboard shot looks pretty cool, too, reminds me of this park that I always used to bring my dogs to in Pleasanton/Dublin CA. It had this BIG skateboard set up and there were always kids there, grinding away.

    Hope you have a safe trip, sounds like some good eatin, too (you know BIG scott’s all about good grub). I’ve definitely had me some pork ribs before but, what are burnt ends? (Scotty Doesn’t Know)

  2. Burnt ends are the ends of a brisket, they are quite tasty and I should have just ordered them as a meal. I certainly did not need both the burnt ends and the appetizer and the ribs. But sometimes I just have to try appetizers because they sound interesting.

    “Scotty Doesn’t Know” – Did you see EruoTrip? That last bit made me laugh. I’ll have to keep you up to date if I find anything else that is BIG.

  3. Hhhhmmm, burnt ends kind of sound like carne asada (numm numm). I totally understand the appetizer tasting, I do it, too (“when in rome”).

    Yeah, I’ve seen EuroTrip, for sure and I tend to hear scotty doesnt know a bunch so I like to throw it in there when I really don’t know. And, please do drop me a line when something BIG comes up, you know I’m all about BIG.

    Thanks again, Drew, hope you have a great trip.

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