Tech: Handbrake

If you have an iPod like I do and you also have many DVD movies, boxed sets of TV seasons and whatnot then most likely you want to be able to watch those on your iPod. I learned about software called HandBrake that allows you to rip DVD movies into the MP4 format for play on an iPod.

This is very cool because there are some series of TV shows that I would really like to watch again but I travel so much so I can’t be hauling around DVD’s. I like to have my tech in a handheld format. Since I am already carrying an iPod and I use my iGo juice to charge it whenever needed I see no reason to haul around a portable DVD player, DVD’s and charger on top of all the things I am already hauling around.

Handbrake is open source so if you are a developer then you can write apps or widgets for the software. That is pretty cool, and the software right now is beta so if you are interested in getting a Beta copy to play around with then you can download that copy from the HandBrake Website.

I am looking forward to getting home and experimenting with this software. Then I can carry Wonderfalls and Firefly around with me if I would like. Special thanks to Cali Lewis on for the heads up on this software.