Photo-A-Day #793 06/10/07

Dad's new camera

Today we (Tara, Shelby, Mom, Allison and Erik) gave Dad his birthday gift, as well as his Father’s Day and part of his Anniversary gift (his part). We gave Dad a new Digital SLR Camera. A Nikon D40. So now we have 3 Nikon’s in the Family. Tara has a D70, I have a D80 and Dad has a D40. Dad taught is much about photography when we were younger, Tara and I even used his old Pentax for our photography classes over the years. We learned to love taking photos from our Dad. And since he had been using my 12+ year old Kodak 240 we figured that it was time for him to upgrade. Since we all have Nikon’s we can easily share lenses.

I am looking forward to going out to take pictures with Dad on upcoming weekends. I’m thinking that a family Photowalk is in order, maybe in downtown Falmouth since it is an unwired community. We can photowalk downtown and then upload the photowalk with the free wireless internet that they have downtown.

Photo-A-Day #793b 06/10/07Today was also SB3, I call it S – B- Three but others are calling it S-B-Cubed. The party was for our friend Stephen The Dog. It was Stephen’s Blowout Birthday Bash. 3Bs. That is how I think of it.

At SB-Three I met John and he works for Quibblo. Even though he thinks SB-Cubed sounds cooler I will still tell you about Quibblo a very cool site for online polls.

There were tons of great dishes at the party and we ate very well. Many of Stephen’s neighborhood friends came over on two legs and four. There was Joey and Ginger and Max. Then there were a ton of neighborhood kids. Everyone had a great time and I took a ton of pictures to send to our friends Andy and Rondi, Stephen’s people.Photo-A-Day #793a 06/10/07

Today I continued to use my telephoto macro lens and got some great shots of the lilies in the front yard. Last year I took many pictures of the lilies and my sister Tara and I cross polinated a bunch of the different lilies, there are many that are about to bloom, I am not happy that I won’t be around to see all of them bloom this week. the one that I did see is a deep red, there weren’t any very deep red ones last year so this is probably one of our experimental ones. Look for it to make an appearance next Sunday for Green Thumb Sunday, a new meme that I am participating in.

8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #793 06/10/07”

  1. Wow! Nice gift for dad. Y’all are the photographing family, that is for sure. My dad was a professional photographer and we all worked in the family business. None of us picked up cameras again until we were in our 20s. I am trying to learn to shoot again because it is the only thing I do that is creative.

    Stopping by for Click and Comment Monday.

  2. Quite a piece of equipment, the D40 is very good and has all the useful features of the D50 I ahev for a great price. If I could find an excuse I would maybe change mine.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I have arrived in Manitoba and will click and comment from the Raddison lobby.

  4. I am anxious to play with the new camera even though mine is a D80. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Dubai.

  5. I adore your sunroom!

    I also now have a serious case of camera envy. It’s so neat that your dad taught you photography. Truly a lost art, what in this day and age of everyone merely snapping pictures and sending them via their cell phones.

    Your talent shows in your photos of Stephen whom, by the way, is a gorgeous creature!

  6. Thanks Kate. The sun porch is a very nice place to spend our time on the Cape. I need to study more on photography but by taking a photograph a day I have started to improve.

    Stephen is a great dog and a pretty decent blogger too.

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