Photo-A-Day #823 07/10/07


Today Allison and I went to Butterfly World. This was such a beautiful place. We took tons of pictures all over the place. Butterflies were everywhere that we looked. I remember seeing a butterfly exhibit in Tulsa Oklahoma, but this was much much better. There were so many butterflies. Then on top of that there were tons of birds and flowers and an insect zoo. This is a great place to take some inquisitive kids because you can get a tour book or even a guided tour. There is so much to see and learn. There is even an area where kids can get up close and personal with Lorikeets. They look like a cross between a parrot and a parakeet. Very friendly birds. Very pretty ones too.

This is our last day in Florida and we spent it at the Butterfly place then had lunch at Bru’s Room, fried pickles, hot wings and ribs, very tasty. We spent some more time at the pool and then had a nice dinner. After dinner we went to ColdStone Creamery for delicious ice cream. I had the Shamu flavor which was sweet cream, white chocolate chips, double Oreos and fudge. Very, very tasty. Then when we got home I helped Marcia and Allison get the web came situation figured out. Now they can talk back and forth to each other and Grandma MArcia can see the baby (when he/she arrives) and Allison and the Grand-kitties.

Here are some additional photos that I took today at Butterfly World.

071007_823j 071007_823i
071007_823h 071007_823g
071007_823f 071007_823e
071007_823d 071007_823c
071007_823b 071007_823k

14 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #823 07/10/07”

  1. wow, mate, you have nice photo here…

    is the nikon camera in the header yours?

    i am also a fans of camera…

    nice blog, i will be back…

    btw, Gary Carvolth is another one i visit quite oftern

  2. Hey there Russ, first off thanks for the comment. I appreciate it very much. That is my nikon D80 in the header. I will check out Gary’s blog too.

  3. Hi Mike,
    I will swing by the interview form tomorrow. Thanks. Looks like you have some great blogs already interviewed. I’ll be ready to do so tomorrow. Just got home from vacation, need to catch up.

  4. hey ben, great pics! and I love your link for the lorikeets. I’ve got a rosella (same family as lorikeets) so I found it particularly interesting

  5. Thanks C Mommy, I was pretty psyched to see that this came out as well as it did. I appreciate the comments and the compliment.

  6. Thanks Nursemyra, I thought the Lorikeets were pretty cool. They were so pretty and did some fun things, they were also very friendly. I’ll have to look up Rosellas they sound nice too. Thanks for commenting and the compliments.

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