Photo-A-Day #824 07/11/07

Allison and Grandparents

Today Allison and I came home from Florida. We traveled with her grandparents and had a nice trip. Allison’s parents took us to the airport, we got right in and through security easily. And we were grateful to Southwest for giving us pre-board status on both parts of the trip. They seemed to step it up in service since the last time we (and I mean Allison) were passengers. So the trip was pretty good.

Sandy was awesome with the car and had it right at the main doors. We dropped her off and headed off to drop off Grandma and Grandpa. Before that we had dinner at the Westminster Country Club. We had a very nice meal and it was nice to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa. So today’s photo is of her and her grandparents.

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