Photo-A-Day #912 10/07/07

So I was planing to putting up a photo of dinner but as I was editing the images Allison told me to look over. And there was Duncan being as cute as he has ever been. He never snuggles like that.

So tonight we tried our first Dream Dinner. On Friday night Allison went to our local Dream Dinners to make up 39 servings of food. If you have never heard of Dream Dinners you soon will. This is a really very cool place to make up dinners that are really tasty. So tonight we tried the Coconut Chicken.

Photo-A-Day #912b 10/07/07

The package was three servings and we added a big of stir fry veggies to the rice and chicken and we got 3 servings out of the package and it was perfect. We got a bunch of other dinners and we are excited to try all of them. It was very inexpensive overall and very tasty. Check out Dream Dinners. The one thing I don’t like is that only one person can go unless it is a date night or if I was making 36 servings of my own. And unless oyu have a full on huge freezer you are not going to be able to fit 72 servings in the house. As it was we had to take some of the items and put them in my parent’s freezer.

Also I would like to thank Karen for the post she put up about getting her new Photo-A-Day 2008 Calendar.

I also uploaed my photos from the Topsfield Fair yesterday. Here is the Topsfield Fair Photowalk. I used my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr to capture the geotags.

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #912 10/07/07”

  1. Hi Duncan! 🙂

    I’ve heard good things about Dream Dinners. Too many people rely too much on the fast food drive through, with the excuse that they are pressed for time. This is a great alternative, as you’re eating better and spending less time and money. With the baby coming soon, having a stash of meals in the freezer will surely come in handy.

    Nothing to do with this post, but today I saw this show on PBS and thought of you. It’s called “Travels To The Edge with Art Wolfe”. This guy is a professional photographer, and he travels to all of these cool places and takes pictures…and talks about his techniques and stuff. You might enjoy it. Here’s the website:

  2. We had heard about Dream dinners from one of Allison’s friends. She swears by them, so we decided to give it a try. The meals that we picked worked out to be something link $4.05 a serving. And since we each eat the actual serving that is pretty sweet.

    I will check out that show, I don’t watch near enough PBS.

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