Photo-A-Day #959 11/23/07

Photo-a-Day #959 11/23/07

Today Allison’s parents Dan and Marcia headed home after their week in New England. They head back to th sunny warmth of Southern Florida. We are looking forward to our trip down to visit them at the end of February/beginning of March.

I drove them in to the airport. But not before we took a few more photos.

Photo-A-Day #959b 11/23/07

Photo-A-Day #959c 11/23/07

Logan was pretty easy to get to and back from today. There were very few cars on the roads, probably because they were all at mall parking lots or back safe in driveways on Black Friday. We made it to the airport in plenty of time and I headed home. Along the way I stopped at the new Patriot Place shopping center that is on the grounds of Gillette Stadium. I wanted to see what Circuit City had left for deals. Nothing was what they had left. Oh well.

I ended up doing some Black Friday shopping from the comfort of our home by the warm glow of an LCD screen. I first of all bought 2 SanDisk 2GB microSD cards with miniSD and SD adaptors. I also picked up 2 Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headsets and two iGo power tips. I got one to charge the Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headsets and one to charge the LG EnV phones what we will be buying in January.

Yep, we are making the plunge to new phones and a whole new cell phone plan that will include VZnavigator, and all the other VZ things. The most important thing for me is the 2MP camera in the phone and the ability to send unlimited pix, flix and text. With all the Utterz stuff I’ve been doing lately I went over my number of texts with my current plan. I only have a 50 text limit out of network. Thanks god I won the Mobile Award from Utterz. It will be great to have unlimited text, pix and flix.

So if I use my blog as a side business and I use my mobile phone to mobile blog for said business, can I deduct my calling plan as a business expense?

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  1. LOL. I did that on purpose. I took a bunch of photos of Marcia and Dan with Eva and took them in rapid succession. So when I was analyzing them I looked at two right after each other and then I made an animated gif. My intention was to make everyone do a double take. Allison just looked at it and we had a really good laugh because it freaked her out.

    Thanks for the information I will read that article right away.

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