Photo-A-Day #987 12/21/07

This is Jim. Jim is pretty mild mannered usually. However today he won this Championship belt, albeit in a Yankee Swap, and he was really jazzed about it. So he became today’s portrait for the December Challenge in a very quick capture of his reaction. However after the party was over Jim went back to being his mild mannered self but somehow the rest of us know that we shouldn’t mess with him.

Photo-A-Day 987b 12/21/07

I ended up winning the ultimate Trailer park accessory or a great thing for tailgating, you decide.

Yankee Swap

Everything is in the Christmas Spirit. we had a great luncheon and I popped in the Ambient Fire DVD and projected it on the screen so we could all use it. I also liked how the company Christmas Tree looked this morning.

Morning Christmas Tree

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #987 12/21/07”

  1. I hadn’t realized that you were still posting on myspace. I have to subscribe to that blog. Thanks for plugging the Christmas games list.

    There are many ways to do a Yankee Swap. This is the version we played today. A Yankee swap is a fun event when everyone brings a gift. The gifts are put into a pile and everyone gets a number. #1 picks first, this is the best position because after everyone has picked #1 can pick any gift. #2 is the worst position because #2 picks and then can only chose from #1. So you kind of want to be near the end or #1. So each person picks a gift and unwraps it and then decides if they want to take someone else’s gift (There are variations where a person must take someone else’s gift or pick and unwrapped gift but they cannot pick a gift unwrap it and then decide on the gift that they want.) So we had 10 people in all. The gifts are set at a price point of $15.00. Many popular gifts are gift cards and scratch tickets. I don’t know why scratch tickets are so popular, in my mind giving someone a scratch ticket is the same as giving them nothing, I want a gift I know is already something not the possibility of something. Anyway, the great fun is the gag gifts that people buy and how they get passed from one person to another and then there are the hot gifts that exchange hands a lot as well. A good mix of good gifts and gag gifts makes for a very fun time. We are having a family party on the 30th and we will do a Yankee Swap, my dad is supplying all the gifts from stuff around the house. It should prove to be a very fun time.

  2. I was going to ask what it was as well. I don’t know if I would like to participate in something like that. If I got a gift I really liked, I would probably punch someone who tried to take it away from me.

  3. I though the “Yankee Swap” was a pretty universal thing, I guess I was wrong, but aren’t you from the New England Area, surely you’d heard of this. I’d have so much fun watching you at a Yankee Swap and I have nightmares about what sort of gift you would put into the mix.

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