Photo-Hunters : Light 12/22/07

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In the Chicago O’Hare Airport between terminals B and C there is this tunnel and an art project with Light and Sound. I had a long layover so I went down and messed around with my camera to see if I could capture the light better. This is what I came up with.

16 thoughts on “Photo-Hunters : Light 12/22/07”

  1. Well that’s a very interesting photo and I’m sure it was an interesting display.
    Have a merry Christmas Drew with your family.

  2. Thanks TNChick, (funny I never thought exactly what the TN stood for). Merry Christmas right back at Yah from New England.

  3. Thanks very much Chica. I am not much for abstract but I really liked the way these lights looked and wanted to see if I could catch them and some motion.

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