Edge Tech Corp Photo Frame Winner

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Edge Tech Corp Digital Photo Frame Contest. This was my most well received contest ever. There were close to 200 people who entered the contest. In all the number of entries that were earned was 1922. There were many people who signed up as subscribers via e-mail, wrote blog posts, posted to twitter and FaceBook and many other places. I received entries every single day in November and I am so happy to award the prizes.

– 1st Prize –
Photo Frame & 1GB card
– 2nd Prize –
USB Watch
– 3rd Prize –
2GB SD Card

This was a complex contest to manage because so many people entered and I had so many ways to gain entries. I’d like to point out and give some linky love all the people who posted about the contest.

Chica – Want to win a Digital Picture Frame?
Heather – Win a Digital Photo Frame!
Elizabeth – Win a Digital Photo Frame from TheBenSpark
Laurie – Win a Digital Picture Frame from BenSpark
Anna – Win a Digital Photo Frame
Karen – Win a Digital Photo Frame
Alexia – I want one!
Brett – Edge Digital Photo Frame Contest at The BenSpark
Lenny – Benspark’s Edge Tech photo frame contest (AKA pick me pick me)
Lynne – Win a Digital Photo Frame From Benspark & Edge Tech
Sarah Jones Larson – Looking for gift ideas? Got gift ideas to share? Send them to @FunGiftIdeas on Twitter!
Lisa – Thursday Contest Roundup!
Valmg – The Ben Spark Edge Tech Digital Photo Frame contest
Andrea – Photography & Gift Giving
Brandice – Another GREAT giveaway!
MaryBeth – Digital Photo Frame

With all the ways that people could gain entries I had a big job ahead because there were 1922 entries in total. I made one giant list with all the entries. Then I put that list in the List Randomizer. I randomized it 4 times to get things good and shaken up.

Then I had the Integer Generator pick me 3 numbers for 1st 2nd and 3rd. Here are the numbers.

Photo Frame Winners
Photo Frame Winners

Our 1st Place Winner is Brandice! She has won the Digital Photo Frame and 1GB SD card from Edge Tech Corp.

Digital Photo Frame Winner

Our 2nd Place Winner was Lenny – He won the USB Watch from Edge Tech Corp

2nd Place winner of the 2GB USB watch

Our 3rd Place Winner was Rosanne Morrison
and she won a 2GB SD card from Edge Tech Corp.

3rd Place winner of the 2GB SD Card

I want to thanks everyone who participated in this contest. Your participation assures that future contests will happen. So, please be on the lookout.

10 thoughts on “Edge Tech Corp Photo Frame Winner”

  1. Congratulations you guys! I didn’t realize there were so many entries, you sure had your work cut out for you Drew! 🙂

  2. Thanks Chica,
    It was a lot of work but I tried to keep up with it daily. I am so happy with how many people participated.

  3. Lynne,
    The next contest should be a good one too. I think I’ll make it less of a jump through hoops sort of thing, There have been some great contests that I’ve learned from this month.

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