It’s Beginning to Look a Lot….

It's Beginning to Look a Lot....
Photo-A-Day #1334

I think my weakest photography skill is using the manual settings on the camera in low light. I experiment over and over yet I am not fully aware of exactly what I am doing. I have been taking the tripod out and using it each night to get some nice outdoor shots. That is primarily due to getting home when it is dark and leaving for work when it is dark. So I’ll be taking more photos at night.

This one is of my mom’s little ceramic white tree with multicolored lights on it. They did not get that burst of light like the outdoor lights, I’m not sure whether it was the type of light or that there was too much light in the room. I took a photo of the tree at some point in my Photo-A-Day career, I’ll have to go back over it. Surrounding the tree on the sideboard is an army of Santas of all shapes and sizes. There is even a Troll doll one.

In Blogging news, Pownce is closing up shop. I used Pownce a little bit and had my posts automatically go there from Utterli but that was about it. What Pownce is doing right is they are allowing you to export your posts. I’ll probably import them into Google Is Not God, that is my catch all for things that are random. Twitter is the big winner now and so is Facebook. Speaking of Facebook I’ve been playing a bunch of the games and inviting my friends but many people are not accepting the invites. I’d really like to be able to play the higher levels of the games but I can’t do that without a gang, squad, crew or whatnot. You don’t have to play. I get a dozen or so requests each day for lil green plant, I accept them and move on.

In a better use of my facebook time however I have found some old friends from way back and have started making some very good connections with people. I may have even gotten some readers for the blog. If you came from Facebook leave a comment and say hello.

Last night I put together my 2009 Photo-A-Day Calendar. In my haste to get it up and done by December 1st I forgot one piece from last year’s Calendar in the Lulu version. There are no titles for the photos nor a title on the front of the calendar. Today I made another calendar on This one has the titles and the cover title but the amount that I get as a reseller is less than the lulu cut. Since I am giving my proceeds, all of my proceeds, to the Relay For Life I’d encourage you to buy the version if you were so inclined. But if you want the Zazzle version that is cool too because every donation counts no matter the size. Another thing with Zazzle, there are always coupon codes that you can use like CYBERZSHIP08 for free shipping no matter how much you order, so in that case you can get an “I’m Not A Famous Blogger T-Shirt” too. A perfect Christmas gift for that ironic blogger in your family.

Come back tomorrow as I announce the winners of the Edge Tech Digital Photo Frame Contest.

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  1. I have a bunch of trouble with low light photos. I haven’t the slightest in what I’m doing either, I tweak my camera settings all around for every single photo I ever take, glad to hear I’m not alone in that lol!

    Chicas last blog post..I made some Moon Berries

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