Return Home Road Trip Day 1

stopping at Buc-ees
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01457

Because our flight was cancelled by SouthWest and our rescheduled flight would have been 5 days after the original one we decided to drive home from Florida. We were luckier than most people in our situation. We had a place to stay for free. We weren’t at the airport wondering how we would get home and we were able to get a free car to use to drive home. No rentals needed.

Starting our Road Trip

We packed up all of our stuff and got the kids situated in the back seat with all the drinks and snacks. Eva had her giant blanket with her to cover up and Andy had plenty of entertainment on his Switch and iPad to keep him occupied. We left the house about 6am and got right on the road.

At Georgia Peach World

We drove for a few hours and stopped to fill up the tank. We tried not to stop too often but had to stop a few times for bathroom breaks and to stretch our legs. We were trying to get to the Buc-ees for lunch. ?We had heard a lot of things about it but once we got there it was entirely too overwhelming for us to handle. We were road weary and there were far too many people and so much chaos going on. We grabbed some Beaver Pellets and got out of there quick. We went over to a Wendy’s and had lunch. This was in South Carolina. However, before we got there we made a stop in Georgia at Georgia Peach World. Andy and Allison got some peach ice cream and Allison got some pecan pie. We also stopped for a Flat Stanley photo. We drove until about 6pm when we arrived at our hotel in Roanoke Rapids North Carolina. We got everyone settled into the hotel and I went and got us a pizza, filled up the car and picked up lottery tickets. We picked up a powerball and mega millions at each state that we could.

pizza at the hotel

I returned with the pizza and we enjoyed dinner. I even found Allison a single serving of wine to enjoy with dinner. She got a kick out of this and enjoyed the wine, too.

single serve wine in a box

We got to bed so that we could head out early in the morning tomorrow.