Running around Vegas

Being in Vegas for this past week was so much fun. The thing I didn’t like however was all the walking all over the place. I felt like I was tearing around town on some sort of sadistic elliptical machine. I kept moving but just keep seeing the same places. For instance I missed all the folks at the Bellagio and so I went to Margaritaville. I bought some nice stuff for my wife and baby girl there and then I left those things buy a chair inside the Margaritaville casino. I got on a bus and ended up having to run all the way back, just in time to rescue my bag of gifts. But I ended up going around and around and walking like crazy. Most of my walking was around the same loop so it was even more depressing. I ended up walking by the same stand of “after dark” magazines about 15 times.

But the convention was great and I have business cards from a ton of companies that I need to do some talking to and reviews about.