Silly Stacking Fun with Stacktopus


Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00443

PlayMonster sent us a copy of Stacktopus for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

With everyone being sequestered to their homes and all after school activities cancelled we have plenty of family time and lucky for our kids I have a stack of great games and fun things to do during this time. Case in point, Stacktopus. Stacktopus is a silly game where you stick tentacle fingers on your own fingers. they call them silly sea fingers in the instructions. They go on your thumb forefinger and middle finger. While wearing these you have to try to stack or arrange a set of colorful cups. they could be nested inside each other, stacked on top of each other and so many other combinations. The game is for 1-3 players and can be some very silly fun. I played with Eva and Andy and we had a good time. I just wish that the silly sea fingers would fit my fingers, they were too small for me but this is a game for ages 5 and up. If you have big fingers like me you’re going to have a tough time. Andy had no problem and neither did Eva. They were way quicker than I was at playing this game. My thumb kept falling off.

Andrew and the silly seas fingers

Look at that concentration from Andy. He was so good at this game.

You can pick up Stacktopus for $17.99 and your kids will have some very silly fun while playing. You can find more information on the game at the PlayMonster website.