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Manish Dayal Live Facebook Q&A Today

Manish Dayal Q&A

It was great to meet Manish Dayal when I was on the #100FootJourneyEvent. He was a very personable guy and today he is doing a Q&A to promote the release of The 100 Foot Journey on DVD/Blu-ray tomorrow.

Tune in at 6pm PST/9pm EST TONIGHT for a LIVE Facebook Q&A with Manish Dayal, who plays Hassan Kadam in the film. Don’t be late! http://on.fb.me/1sCSj3u Continue reading Manish Dayal Live Facebook Q&A Today

An Interview with Manish Dayal at the #100FootJourneyEvent

Manish Dayal interviewed by Bloggers
Photo by JustEnza.com

Directly after watching the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey we were joined by the movie’s male lead, Manish Dayal. We interviewed him for about a half an hour and he was very engaging and entertaining. He gave us some great insight into the motivations of his character Hassan Kadam.

The first thing that we asked was if he cooked in real life and the answer was no. For him preparing for the movie was learning all about kitchen culture and how to look like he knew what he was doing with the knives and other equipment. He had many people to learn from as there were tons of chefs on set who were from all different styles. I asked him what his favorite meal from teh movie was and he said that he ate tons of the Beef Bourguignon. Continue reading An Interview with Manish Dayal at the #100FootJourneyEvent