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Year 10 Begins Today

Photo-A-Day #3288

Another Birthday, another start to a year of taking a Photo-A-Day.

Today was my 40th birthday. We started out with breakfast over at Northworks. An excellent meal all around. The kids were pretty good for the most part. Andrew had fun playing all around in the space between the wall and the table. He looked like a little comedian there. We dropped Eva off at school and then went home to relax for a little while before heading back to pick her up from school.

We didn’t do a lot of relaxing but instead went over to the La Salette Shrine and walked along their walking trail. It is a really nicely groomed trail with lots to see including ducks and frogs. I’m sure there will be other critters there through the summer. We will go back to tire out the kids.

For the afternoon we headed back over to pick Eva up from school and then we stayed at my parent’s house and had a nice dinner and then we all went bowling. It was great to have both my sisters and my parents as well as my brother-in-law our “adopted” brother there to celebrate my birthday. It was really nice. Continue reading Year 10 Begins Today