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Photo-A-Day #736 04/14/07

Super close up fly

Today Allison had a Zeta meeting and I intended to get some time in with the Wii but instead I worked on blog stuff. Made a post on BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo about Reign Over Me that we saw last night with Autumn and Kenny. I added a couple of posts to Flatwater Tech on KillerStartups.com and a commercial I saw featuring the awesome Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.tv. I also wrote about the Kayak Journal Podcast on The Wired Kayaker. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #736 04/14/07

Photo-A-Day #716 03/25/07

Label maker fun.

This is what happens when we leave the label maker out and Andy comes over to visit. He got bored watching us play Wario Smooth Moves and decided that the label maker would be much more fun. And then today my cousins Madison and Haley came over after church and had fun labeling things, like my hand. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #716 03/25/07