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Review: Digimon SHODO Garudamon

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01160

I was given a free Digimon SHODO Garudamon figure from Bandai to review. Opinions are my own.

I am not a Digimon fan and have no real clue what it is all about. I was much older when the shows started airing and at the time it did not appeal to me. I was offered this figure to check out and when I first saw this character was available to review I thought it looked cool so I asked to check it out. I do love action figures and collect many. so this and the video review below is a review of the figure purely as an action figure and nothing more. I know very little about the Digimon show and the character’s role in that world. The character was part of the Digimon Adventure TV series and I think that fans of that show will enjoy this character because as an action figure it is very detailed and well made. There are many points of articulation on the figure from the arms and legs moving all the way to the ankles and wings on Garudamon’s back. This very detailed figure stands at approximately 3.5 inches. You can pick this and other Digimon SHODO figures up through our affiliate link below. But first, my video review.

Unboxing The SDCC18 PX Previews Exclusive Hyper Phase Voltron Legendary Defender

The SDCC Previews Exclusive Hyper Phase Voltron!

I was beyond thrilled to come home from Sweet suite to find that Playmates Toys had sent me the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Previews Exclusive Hyper Phase Voltron Legendary Defender set!!!! I could not wait to unbox it but I had to because of work. However. I finally got a chance to open the box and show you the entire set. Please watch the unboxing below!!

You guys helped me convince Playmates that I should receive one of these sets to review. Let them know that they did not make a mistake and keep watching and liking the video, please. Continue reading Unboxing The SDCC18 PX Previews Exclusive Hyper Phase Voltron Legendary Defender