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Photo-A-Day #679 02/16/07

This is one of two historic round buildings in my town. I cannot find out information online about these buildings. One is being turned into condos and I am not exactly sure that the purpose of this one is right now. Our historical society has a pretty lame website. Oh well, I will try and find out more about this building, I think it is called a gas house but my searches are turning up nothing.

I just found some information through the local library. It is not on the specific Gasometer (circa 1855) but it is of another one. Apparently there were only 3 in the state. And we have two of them.

Today was a busy day even though I was home as a vacation day. I started the morning with two cool things in my e-mail inbox. The first was that I won a contest through Fuel My Blog. I won $100.00 from Kevin Dixon at Fuel My Blog – The Great Wall of Blogs. The contest was for $200.00 but it came down to a tie. Hey that is fine with me I am $93.80 richer. Huh? Yes, $93.80 because the transaction was through PayPal and PayPal took their cut. I’m not sure of the particulars of why they took a cut, but I think it was because of the type of transaction. I just recently learned that I do not have to stick to the $500.00 a month limit because the PayPerPost transactions don’t count towards that limit. So you may have seen a spike in blog posts from PayPerPost today as well as more content that I’ve written.

The Second cool this was that I was interviewed by BlogInterview.com and that was really fun to see. You should take a read of that site. There are some very good interviews up. Kumiko came up with a great concept. It is a “I wish I thought of that” concept.

I learned some cool stuff today. I learned more about the upcoming Transformer’s Game and I saw an interview with Michael Bay too.

Well I should get to my bills and that stuff, I have a pile of things that need to be filed before Allison gets home because we are going to see Jim Gaffigan tonight at PPAC.

Oh and one last thing I got 2 tickets to Jimmy Buffett this September 8, 2007 at Gillette Stadium. My friend Peter called me today to let me know that his friend Jim had 10 tickets and if I wanted any. Sure thing I wanted some! I got two, one for Allison and one for me. So now I have to start planing some tailgating. Do you think I could build this by September?

I was interviewed on Bloginterview.net

Today on Bloginterview.net you can see my interview. I learned about Bloginterview.net through my friend Autumn’s blog called Autumn’s Space. in the interview Autumn said that The Benspark is a blog that she reads.

Bloginterview.net is run by Kumiko and she lives in Tokyo Japan. I left a couple of comments and sent Kumiko an email and said I’d be thrilled to be interviewed for her blog. She responded by sending me 5 questions for the interview. The concept of Kumiko’s blog is simple but the execution takes a lot of hard work. In addition to taking the e-mailed responses Kumiko also reads the blog that is being interviewed and links any relevant pictures and links from the interview. Kumiko’s blog is a fantastic one and is really well done. I have a shout out to my favorite bloggers like Mo, Stephen the Dog and Mr. Nashville, Eddie Christy. I also talk about the inspiration behind Photo-A-Day. So go ahead and read the interview and read some other interviews on the site too.