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Photo-A-Day #694 03/03/07

The top of the building at my grade school. I never realized that the building was built in 1923. Allison and I took Taylor out for a walk and as we went by the school I looked up and saw this part of the facade and thought it looked interesting. I never realize how often I don’t look up as I walk around, and when I do I notice how many buildings in my town are so well adorned. I love old stuff like that.

I spent a good deal of time today working on the new blog. The new domain is www.benspark.com. I haven’t done much editing to the theme but that is up on my list. I will most likely have to hand transfer my posts from this blog to the other blog. But as I do so I will make edits and fixes as well as categorize things for better organization of the blog.

Through the past four years of blogging I have learned many things and if I can go back and fix the mistakes and improve the quality of my blog then the time it takes will be worth it.

You may ask why I am doing this by hand rather than an automated way. Well, because I signed up for blogger in 2003 I wanted to be able to do more so I also signed up for BlogSpot*Plus. Now, when new blogger came out I finally transferred my stuff from old Blogger to new Blogger everything transferred correctly. The problem was that sites that were on Old Blogger cannot have custom domains. Sites on New Blogger can have their own custom domain names. So I purchased two domain names on Tuesday. I added domain name www.wiredkayaker.com to my wiredkayaker.blogspot.com blog. So when I move that blog to another host I won’t have to go and start from scratch on my Page Rank.

The problem I will have and I am having now is that WordPress converts old blogger but not new blogger posts. Hence the hand moving of posts. Which in the long run is going to be a good thing.

Today I also dove into working on the FuelMyBlog Forum. I am a moderator for the FuelMyBlog Forum. Kevin asked me to be one and this has been a nice experience so far.

There is also a Blog Party going on. It has brought in some very nice visitors to this site as well as to my Flatwater site. So this has been a great day for link exchange.

Tonight we are watching Bottle Rocket. It is quirky and fun. I’ll post more about it tomorrow.

I was interviewed on Bloginterview.net

Today on Bloginterview.net you can see my interview. I learned about Bloginterview.net through my friend Autumn’s blog called Autumn’s Space. in the interview Autumn said that The Benspark is a blog that she reads.

Bloginterview.net is run by Kumiko and she lives in Tokyo Japan. I left a couple of comments and sent Kumiko an email and said I’d be thrilled to be interviewed for her blog. She responded by sending me 5 questions for the interview. The concept of Kumiko’s blog is simple but the execution takes a lot of hard work. In addition to taking the e-mailed responses Kumiko also reads the blog that is being interviewed and links any relevant pictures and links from the interview. Kumiko’s blog is a fantastic one and is really well done. I have a shout out to my favorite bloggers like Mo, Stephen the Dog and Mr. Nashville, Eddie Christy. I also talk about the inspiration behind Photo-A-Day. So go ahead and read the interview and read some other interviews on the site too.