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Custom Kreon Megatron

Photo-A-Day #3255

The other day I wrote about my custom Kreons that I picked up. Yesterday’s Photo was of Optimus Prime. Today I decided to shoot the Megatron figure. The pieces for the Megatron figure are okay but they really should have a black fusion cannon instead of a silver one and a grey helmet instead of the translucent helmet and the silver helmet. Both figures are missing some very specific pieces. There should be an orange energon ax for Optimus Prime and there should be a purple energon mace for Megatron. That would have made the set much better overall, plus the other things I said about the Optimus Prime Custom Kreon.

KRE-O Custom Optimus Prime

Photo-A-Day #3254

I picked up a couple of the KRE-O Custom figures at Toys R Us the other day. These sets have about 36 or so pieces to create custom Kreons. I grabbed Optimus Prime and Megatron. For the most part these sets are nice and there is the figure and also a piece that holds all the extra pieces except it doesn’t fit everything very well. They should include a second head so that the spare helmet sits on the torso properly. Other than that they are pretty decent with good looking figures. Having a G1 Optimus and G1 Megatron figure is nice.