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A Day at Six Flags New England thanks to #DiscoverKia #KiaSixFlags

At Six Flags New England
Photo-A-Day #4430

Today’s adventure was sponsored by Kia. We were provided compensation and tickets to attend the Kia Ride and Drive Experience at Six Flags New England. Opinions and experiences are 100% our own.

After having worked all weekend overnight I came home and we immediately set off for Agawam, MA to Six Flags New England. I have not been there since I was right out of college. The place was called Riverside at the time and it was so different. The Six Flags park is really nice but I will get to that later. First I had better get myself into a Kia and take a test drive. Upon arrival that was the first thing that we did. The family hung out at the Kia lounge area and I went out for a ride in a Kia Soul. I’ll tell you more about that below, after the video that I made of our day.

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A Pit Stop with Themed Hot Wheels Cars

Halo Warthog
Photo-A-Day #4240

Another Sunday full of sleep. Because of yesterday’s few hours of sleep I came home right away and went to bed. When I got up I had dinner with the family and then recorded a quick video. I had picked up a few Hot Wheels cars this past week and some of the ones I picked up earlier than that. I was at Toys R Us this week and when I was there I saw that they had a special edition set of Peanuts. This was a collection of the 5 cars that I found a month ago. I was there at Toys R Us to find a Skylanders Imaginators Legendary Creation Crystal. I did not find the Light Element one.

There were supposed to be 40 of them on the floor according to the person I always connect with. He looked around but couldn’t find them. While I was looking with him a shopped came by with one of the Peanuts cars in her cart. I told her about the special set of 5 of them. She went back to get that instead. I was told that I should work at Toys R Us because I know where everything is. I probably would if I had the time.

I also went to Best Buy this week and found the Kid Icarus (Pit) amiibo. This was a short packed one from way back and no one had it. Best Buy had a bunch of them and so I grabbed one. I used to play Kid Icarus all the time when I was a kid. So now that is the last amiibo that I really wanted to have in my collection.

The last thing that I had was a Daffy Duck Hot Wheels character car. They had a ton of them and I cannot find any information about the other five characters. I’m not sure if it is a Toys R Us exclusive or something like that where one is released every week or something more. I like the Daffy Duck car and am really looking forward to seeing what the Tasmanian Devil character car will look like.